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Display Your Business

All SCORE clients and invited alliance partners are invited to set up a table display of their product or service. 

Apply to Display Your Business
All SCORE clients who set up table displays are encouraged to contribute an item or gift certificate for the raffle to take place at the end of the event.

What to Bring

Tables are 4 feet long and you may share with a fellow client, depending on demand.

Company Information

Bring an 8/11 inch sign that clearly identifies your business like this example from Vistaprint:  click here

Samples and Coupons

Display and offer samples of your product. Provide coupons  to get people to follow up with you after the event.

Promotional Hand Out

Have  a flier and your business card so people can find you later.  Donate your product or service in the raffle.

Sales Lead Capture

Have a business card reader or a bowl to collect business cards so you can follow up after the event.

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